IT Security


Encryption is a term that essentially means “coding,” so encrypting data just means converting it to a message that can only be deciphered using a secret code. In other words, the encryption code is like a lock; the decryption code is like a key. Essentially, even if your computer were stolen, the thief would be unable to read or decode your files, so your data would remain safe even if the computer has fallen into the wrong hands.

Data encryption is the cornerstone of data security and American Office Solutions is proud to offer convenient data encryption services to meet the needs of individuals as well as small- and medium-sized businesses.
American Office Solutions recommends Webroot for world-class realtime antivirus and antimalware protection. Webroot updates itself automatically without requiring any action from the user and will perform a background scan your computer for viruses when the workstation is left idle to ensure that your computer is entirely free of malware.

In the event of an infection, Webroot automatically emails a detailed report to American Office Solutions so that we can contact you to resolve the problem as soon as humanly possible. Please be sure to purchase and install Webroot through American Office Solutions in order to receive the benefit of advanced monitoring as well as a discount on pricing.