Disaster Recovery


American Office Solutions provides several data services, from automatic and manual backups with on- and off-site replication to hard drive data recovery service in the event that your backup solution has fallen through. Our goal is to minimize (and ideally, eliminate) any downtime from the day-to-day operations of your business.

Offsite Replication

cloudAutomatic offsite backup replication of your data means that in the event of a hardware failure or even a natural disaster, your data will be safe and secure on a server that is physically located offsite. Restoration of the data is simple and efficient, enabling your business to get back online very quickly.

Data Recovery

hddAmerican Office Solutions can attempt to recover deleted files from a hard drive as well as provide services to recover data in the case of a hard disk that has suffered physical damage. If we are unable to retrieve the files you need, we can forward the hard drive to a specialized data recovery service for even more intensive recovery options.