Purchasing a computer system


American Office Solutions recommends Dell computers to meet your company’s business needs. It is best to acquire these machines through us or directly through Dell Business. In contrast to these machines, when you buy a computer from a retailer like Office Depot or Best Buy, the systems are normally targeted towards home users, so they won’t have all the features required for a business environment. What this means is that you will have to purchase software upgrades for these computers in order to bring them close to the same level as a made-for-business machine, unnecessarily increasing costs to your company.


Here are a few reasons why businesses should avoid retail outlets:


1. The systems sold there are generally Windows 10 (not 10 Pro which is needed for networks). So an upgrade (around $100.00) would have to be purchased to allow the system to be added to a network. Most systems now have the original Windows 10 product key embedded on the motherboard.  In the past there was a sticker on the outside of the computer with a key on it.  If a hard drive fails or if a clean install is ever needed, it makes it easier if the Pro version was originally on the system.

2. The computers they sell contain a plethora of unwanted bloatware that slow down the computers; it takes time to go through and remove the software. If ordered through American Office Solutions (a Dell reseller) or through the Dell business portal, there is less bloatware to worry about.

3. You are not able to get Adobe Acrobat Standard at a discounted price by purchasing through Office Depot or Best Buy. Normally, Acrobat costs around $299.00 at Office Depot, whereas the same software is offered at a reduced prices from Dell if you get it preinstalled on a business computer.

4. If something is wrong with a system that you purchase from Office Depot, here is their return policy: “Technology and consumer electronic products may only be exchanged or returned for a full refund with the Original Receipt and in like new condition, in their original packaging, with UPC code, within 14 days of purchase. Please remember to remove all personal data from exchanged/returned products. We are not responsible for any personal data left in or on an exchanged/returned product.” So if you can, you have to bring it back to the store within 14 days to get another system and start the whole process again.

5. Also if you buy in store you are paying extra for an employee to drive down to a store research everything and there is not always that big of selection.


We recommend Dell computers over other manufacturers because Dell:

  1. Builds quality products with a wide variety of systems to choose from
  2. Designs great cases which allow for easy upgrade and swapping out of parts, often with minimal or no tools required
  3. Typically does not rely heavily on proprietary technology
  4. Has created one operating system Windows 10 Pro 64-bit DVD that works for all modern Dell computers (many companies like HP have system-specific DVD’s that have to be ordered later). If a hard drive ever crashes down the road or if you want to reinstall, it is easier to do so with Dell.
  5. Has great diagnostics utilities to diagnose any hardware issues quickly and efficiently
  6. Generally ships computers with less bloatware and, if ordered through the business or reseller side, there is minimal bloatware
  7. Updates their device drivers regularly and makes it very easy to download them when needed
  8. Has lower long-term cost to maintain Dell computers over the years than with any other manufacturer


This page explains why we recommend choosing a midrange OptiPlex desktop.

We also recommend getting either an Intel Core i5, i7, or I9 processor. These powerful yet affordable processors will maximize software and operating system compatibility for years to come.

To our knowledge, we have never had an Intel processor fail in any of our equipment or that of our customers. Furthermore, Microsoft has always had better integration with Intel processors than with AMD.

Having the computer shipped to our office means we can get it set up, run updates, and install all of the software you need. We have all the equipment, cords, cables, monitors and personnel to get computers set up and running. Your employee does not need to be displaced from their workspace during this process. If any problems arise (rare but does happen—normally due to an issue with a hard drive), Dell can rapidly ship a replacement. Before installing a computer on site, American Office Solutions will prepare everything in advance as much as possible in our office to minimize downtime for your company.

If we have some notice, we can have everything ready ahead of time, so there is no rush and we can get the product that best fits the employee’s needs at the lowest price.